Tuesday, March 31

Monday, July 9

Be Strong

This is what GOD the almighty reveals in Joshua 1: 5-8.

Be Strong and Courageous ( "Rak Hisak" in Hebrew) he says thrice in this chapter, the third time it is almost an admonishment.

Be Strong because
1. He has a promise for you
2. He has a plan for you
3. He is with you

येशु तुम्हारे साथ है

Rak Hisak

Thursday, April 12

God's Logic -- Contd

Why does God not want to bring in any structural changes in our thinking?

When any scientist develops a robot he will never limit it's actions through complex algorithms but will try to build in "Artificial Intelligence".

Why does he do it?

So that the robot will learn on its own from the surroundings, from the consequences of its actions. This will make it more adaptable and more efficient.

I am trying to link the same theory to God's Logic. Maybe he (God) wants us to learn from our own experiences and circumstances. This kind of learning is indestructible.

Maybe this is his way of building our faith. All these are hypothesis but i want to dvelve more into this and understand God's Logic. Will try to see what his word (The Holy Bible) tells me about this.....